Been There, Done That


“Marlinspike was equally skeptical about [Mozilla’s] Boot2Gecko, saying that without hardware directly tied to the Boot2Gecko plan, as Apple and Google have tied their mobile operating systems to hardware, Boot2Gecko will be ‘a tough sell.'” source

Huh, if only Mozilla had any experience getting software to be accepted without being tied to hardware. You know, like how IE was (and still is!) tied to Microsoft deals with HP and Dell. If only…

Switching to Galaxy SII

I haven’t been able to put much interesting up here lately with too many other family and work commitments going on, and for some of those I’ll talk put some video and pictures up in the future. But one thing that took up a few days was running the whole family up to the Twin Cities, and on our shopping plan was to update our phone plans. My friends tease me for still being on T-Mobile (I think we were like their first customers in 1999), and for being so chintsy with our phones.
But all of that changed on this trip, when we fully updated our contracts, our handsets, and got caught up with the 21st century. I went with the pictured Samsung Galaxy S2, and my wife got the Tmobile G2x.

T-Mobile has been in the news a lot for their infamous buy-out from AT&T. But with this visit, at least, we saw a lot to like at T-Mobile. Continue reading

Two Parenting Resources

Here are a few resources for busy parents trying to raise their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord for the 21st century.

5 Lessons for Parenting in the Digital Age
Facebook has recently announced that they will be rolling out even more additions to the largest social media engine to entice more users and keep current users on longer. How will this affect your family, or your parenting? The five lessons may be helpful for thinking through with your spouse as you raise young men and women to become godly, responsible consumers of technology. Continue reading

Firefox 5 or Chrome 12

I just recently upgraded to Firefox 5, but I use Chrome a lot as well. Which is better? Firefox has been touted for its performance, add-ons, etc., for years, but recently many people have been championing turning over to Chrome. Here’s the most recent contest I could find:

Google Chrome 12 performs really well with many JavaScript functions according to benchmarks used in this post. HTML 5 video benchmark and CSS 3D hardware acceleration works incredibly well, also you can check HTML 5 video experiment for shaun the sheep in this post Here. Google chrome uses a separated memory usage for each tab and google extensions but overall after comparing it with firefox it require more memory with running same number to tabs.

Mozilla Firefox 5 benchmark scores looks really low compared to firefox [Ed note: I think he means Chrome?] scores even though it was performing quite good with same benchmark tools specially for compiling JavaScript with taking advantage of your CPU and RAM. Firefox 5 does not require a lot of memory usage.

Find all the details here.

Just In Case You Missed ‘Em

With the overwhelming influx of information available, discerning readers must become selective in what they give their time to read. Just in case you missed ’em, here are some links I found valuable, and hope you will also.

NYT: The High Cost of Low Teacher Salaries
Being the husband of an amazing teacher, this issue strikes close to home. Why does the entertainment business (pro sports, musicians, Hollywood) command multi-billion dollar industries, but our most formative is nearly broke? I think R.C. Sproul once argued that educators’ compensation reveals a culture’s priorities.

Ligonier: What about “Church is boring?”
When we come into the presence of the Almighty, we come as embodied souls, and there is nothing boring about meeting with the Ancient of Days.

Michael Gerson critiques Ron Paul’s Libertarianism Continue reading

GTD on Pocket PC

Repost from an old article at What the Thunder Said… circa 2006.  A lot has changed since then – for example, I now use an HTC Touch Pro 2 rather than the (HTC built!) HP iPAQ 5555 – but the reliance on mobile tech for GTD, productivity, and so much more remains the same.  Some day I’ll update what I use now in mobile technology, but this was an important benchmark.

Reading: The following article… Googlenews… praying for Katrina victims
Enjoying: State Fair “Sweet Martha Cookies” chocolate chip cookies and milk
Listening: Nothing. Its too early…

According to this article, more and more people – from professionals to teens – are taking advantage of PDA devices to run their lives more smoothly. Where teenagers may be simply chatting and messaging each other with wireless devices, professionals are getting their email wirelessly, working with mini applications like Pocket Word and Excel, and getting directions from voice activated and self-speaking GPS locators on their unit.

Of course, this is nothing new to blund. As a “seminary student,” I’ve been relying on my Hp iPAQ 5550 for a long time now to keep me going. Besides maintaining three email accounts, surfing the net, managing all the paperwork for my part time job, creating papers, spreadsheets, and powerpoint presentations (with wireless printing, nonetheless), listening to my mp3 collection, and running my blund blogs, there are few things my little pocket pc cannot do. I get all my news, weather, sports scores, movies, music videos, and daily paper on the little gadget. Perhaps even more amazing than all of this, is that I haven’t spent a dime on software, and other than the purchase for the initial machine (which should run anywhere from $300 – $500), I have spent only $130 on memory cards, an extra battery, a foldable keyboard, and a Bluetooth mouse (I’d like to get Bluetooth or nice corded earphones). A Pocket PC’s flexibility and useability are tremendous. Continue reading