Switching to Galaxy SII

I haven’t been able to put much interesting up here lately with too many other family and work commitments going on, and for some of those I’ll talk put some video and pictures up in the future. But one thing that took up a few days was running the whole family up to the Twin Cities, and on our shopping plan was to update our phone plans. My friends tease me for still being on T-Mobile (I think we were like their first customers in 1999), and for being so chintsy with our phones.
But all of that changed on this trip, when we fully updated our contracts, our handsets, and got caught up with the 21st century. I went with the pictured Samsung Galaxy S2, and my wife got the Tmobile G2x.

T-Mobile has been in the news a lot for their infamous buy-out from AT&T. But with this visit, at least, we saw a lot to like at T-Mobile. Everyone who helped us was knowledgeable, prepared, incredibly friendly, and efficient. Both in the store, and then a few days later when we needed some phone support, the T-Mobile staff did a great job. Further, network reception has been pretty solid. My wife’s phone gets just a little better reception than I do, and she picks up 2G way out in the boondocks. T-Mobile has long had terrific prices, but I’ve heard them faulted for their network, their phone selection, and their service. With this experience (so far, at least) we have been nothing but pleased.

I’ll have more to say about this in the future. A lot of my GTD flow hinges on my phone, so that has changed a lot. I’ve gone from Windows Mobile 6.5 to Android (Gingerbread), from a “hard” QWERTY keyboard to a soft, and from shady, refurbished eBay deals to upfront, over-the-counter flagship purchases. It will definitely be an adjustment. But so far, we’re both very happy with our phones, and kudos to T-Mobile for a very enjoyable experience.

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