Valentine’s Banquet: Marriage for the Glory of God

If you would like to download the booklet give away that was referenced at the banquet, please click here: Renewing Marital Intimacy by David Powlison. Select “download” in the upper right corner. This book comes as a .pdf file, so to open it you will need a free .pdf reading program like Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit Reader (recommended). If you would rather not download and would like a printed booklet, leave a comment below stating your name and your desire for Zion E&R Church to print it for you, or send me an email. 

Zion Valentine’s Day Banquet
“Marriage for the Glory of God”

Thanks so much for joining us at this Valentine’s Banquet. If I understand this correctly, this is our first annual Valentine’s Banquet for couples. Clearly, we need to improve the entertainment for next year!
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