Gospel Amnesia

Dear Zion,

Quick – pop quiz: what is the Gospel? It seems a simple enough question, right? We hear about the Gospel in every Sunday sermon. We learned about Jesus’ virgin birth, perfect life, substitutionary death, and resurrection to save us through faith and repentance since we were little. Ok then, next question: do you know how the Gospel relates to whatever you’re going through right now? Or, have we become like many people today who are suffering from “gospel amnesia” – we’ve got the facts, but we’ve forgotten its immediate relevancy?

One of my former professors, Dr. David Powlison (CCEF), is a licensed and practicing counselor. He had undergone heart surgery in his fifties, and though the surgery was successful, it took over five years for him to return to full strength. There were numerous losses to his personal, social and professional life due to his recovery. He found that he would go to important counseling meetings and mediation sessions, and was horrified to find that there would be times when he could not complete his thoughts. He was paralyzed by the thought that his life as professor and counselor might be at an end – who would ever go to a counselor that couldn’t complete his own thoughts, much less help the patient? Who would hire him as a professor to teach young minds, when his own mind was clouded? Continue reading

Valentine’s Banquet: Marriage for the Glory of God

If you would like to download the booklet give away that was referenced at the banquet, please click here: Renewing Marital Intimacy by David Powlison. Select “download” in the upper right corner. This book comes as a .pdf file, so to open it you will need a free .pdf reading program like Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit Reader (recommended). If you would rather not download and would like a printed booklet, leave a comment below stating your name and your desire for Zion E&R Church to print it for you, or send me an email. 

Zion Valentine’s Day Banquet
“Marriage for the Glory of God”

Thanks so much for joining us at this Valentine’s Banquet. If I understand this correctly, this is our first annual Valentine’s Banquet for couples. Clearly, we need to improve the entertainment for next year!
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