Helping Young Preachers Avoid Mistakes

It was slightly unsettling how many of their suggestions hit home for me. And yet, there is a lot of good advice here as well.

Three things that really stood out to me:

  1. Stop preaching for your seminary professors.* Turn around, and let the gallery shape and influence you, but preach for your particular congregation.
  2. You are not in an audition, so quit seeking immediate praise for the job you’ve done. Start feeding the sheep.
  3. Content cannot trump communication… and if you’re passionless, you are changing the content, because you’re saying, “Its not important to me.”

Watch the whole thing:

*Side note: At first I disagreed with Tullian’s remark, because I think it is so important to preach with your profs and the “cloud of witnesses” in mind when preparing and delivering the Word of the Lord. But then his remarks from his editor clarified what he meant, and I really appreciate the illustration.