Don’t Search Google for Theology

Shane Lems of Reformed Reader has some great insights into how to utilize the internet for finding good theology:

Finally, I’d recommending using Google as little as possible when doing biblical/theological research. Google’s methodology in finding websites might be helpful in some areas, but not theology. Google works with clicks and cash; good theology isn’t determined by popularity or money, but by Scripture as read and interpreted in and with the historic Christian church. The top search results on Google are not necessarily the best sources for research and study. Rather than Google, email your pastor, elder, or another wise/mature Christian and ask them where they would recommend getting reading material on a certain subject. Or, look for information on websites whose authors are accountable to elders, creeds/confessions, and/or denominational standards. Continue reading

To Do: Download Android 4.0 ICS today for Galaxy SII


Attn: T-Mobile users


Most Galaxy S II owners won’t see much visual difference after the update. Based on the experience with Android 4.0 for the Galaxy Note, which was upgraded earlier this year, Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface will cover most of the Ice Cream Sandwich UI improvements. However, the many new Android 4.0 features will be welcome by Samsung Galaxy S II owners: Monthly data usage monitoring, an improved camera interface and widgets that are re-sizable and more interactive, to name a few.

Still, I’m looking forward to the upgrade.

I don’t normally keep Samsung’s Kies app up to date, so I’m going to have to make sure that is running smoothly before I go monkeying with the UI.

For those who have the SGII (or Galaxy Note), will you (have you) get the ICS? Sound off in the comments.