Hearts Harden Fast


Hearts can harden fast. The writer of Hebrews drives this point home: “But exhort one another every day, as long as it is called ‘today,’ that none of you may be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin” (3:13).

GTD on Pocket PC

Repost from an old article at What the Thunder Said… circa 2006.  A lot has changed since then – for example, I now use an HTC Touch Pro 2 rather than the (HTC built!) HP iPAQ 5555 – but the reliance on mobile tech for GTD, productivity, and so much more remains the same.  Some day I’ll update what I use now in mobile technology, but this was an important benchmark.

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According to this article, more and more people – from professionals to teens – are taking advantage of PDA devices to run their lives more smoothly. Where teenagers may be simply chatting and messaging each other with wireless devices, professionals are getting their email wirelessly, working with mini applications like Pocket Word and Excel, and getting directions from voice activated and self-speaking GPS locators on their unit.

Of course, this is nothing new to blund. As a “seminary student,” I’ve been relying on my Hp iPAQ 5550 for a long time now to keep me going. Besides maintaining three email accounts, surfing the net, managing all the paperwork for my part time job, creating papers, spreadsheets, and powerpoint presentations (with wireless printing, nonetheless), listening to my mp3 collection, and running my blund blogs, there are few things my little pocket pc cannot do. I get all my news, weather, sports scores, movies, music videos, and daily paper on the little gadget. Perhaps even more amazing than all of this, is that I haven’t spent a dime on software, and other than the purchase for the initial machine (which should run anywhere from $300 – $500), I have spent only $130 on memory cards, an extra battery, a foldable keyboard, and a Bluetooth mouse (I’d like to get Bluetooth or nice corded earphones). A Pocket PC’s flexibility and useability are tremendous. Continue reading

Singing Through Tears

When the wounds and scars of this world come, we have several options in front of us. Numb the hurt by denying reality (drugs, drunkenness, other-worldly asceticism)? Wallow in the pain and let it consume us? Lash out in rage at that which causes pain?

Or, we can join the Psalmist and cry out to God, singing through the tears and waiting for the Lord to arise and banish our foes and fears. If you’re suffering, consider the two songs below as good examples of ultimately looking to the Lord through the pain. Your Good Shepherd does not promise to keep you from the valley of the shadow of death, but He does promise to bring you through to the green pastures and still waters on the other side.
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New Reformed Church in Twin Cities

Getting biblically solid, confessionally Reformed churches in the Midwest is not easy, and St. Paul & Minneapolis MN prove no exception. So it is exciting to see that fellow WSC grad Rev. Ryan Kron is starting a church plant in the Minneapolis and Eden Prairie area. So if you’re in the southwest Metro area, give Emmaus Road Reformed Fellowship a look.

Finding Tunes for the Text

Dear Zion,

Last time we saw that what we sing to God in our lyrics and musical text is the most important thing for selecting music in worship services. In fact, what we sing even takes precedence over how we sing, or in other words, the tune, arrangement, and harmony. We can all agree that the music should reflect the mood and substance of our songs, but what other guidelines should churches consider when thinking about the musical tune of the text?
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March Madness 2011

(click here to enlarge)

  • As you can see, I’m not doing too well.
  • I’m a little Big 10 heavy, and that has been a detriment to my success.
  • I have enjoyed watching the Big East collapse
  • Baylor?!! Marquette?!
  • VCU?!?!?!
  • I don’t feel like my bracket has any inspired picks, though I’ve been a bit fortunate with Florida State
  • Sometimes I think being a Blue Devil fan is like rooting for the Yankees, but nevertheless…

So, how are you doing?