Just In Case You Missed ‘Em

With the overwhelming influx of information available, discerning readers must become selective in what they give their time to read. Just in case you missed ‘em, here are some links I found valuable, and hope you will also.

Horton’s Recent Chapter on Scripture
Dr. Rev. Michael S. Horton contributed to Christian Theologies of Scripture: A Comparative Introduction with his chapter “Theologies of Scripture in the Reformation and Counter-Reformation: An Introduction.” Download it from the link above.

Before Rob Bell, There Was David Swing
PCA pastor-scholar Sean Lucas reminds us of the liberalizing David Swing, and why the most popular pastor of the biggest church in Chicago is no longer there.
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Twitter Clients

What clients do you use for Twitter?

Ow.ly is great for shortening links and Twitter tools. PockeTwit is my favorite mobile client for Windows Mobile. Digsby is my desktop client, great for handling email, chat, Facebook, and all of your social media. Tumblr isn’t actually a Twitter client, but works great with your tumblog.

What other clients are “must have’s” for Twitter and blogging? Have you run into any security measures with any clients?