Just In Case You Missed ‘Em

With the overwhelming influx of information available, discerning readers must become selective in what they give their time to read. Just in case you missed ‘em, here are some links I found valuable, and hope you will also.

Horton’s Recent Chapter on Scripture
Dr. Rev. Michael S. Horton contributed to Christian Theologies of Scripture: A Comparative Introduction with his chapter “Theologies of Scripture in the Reformation and Counter-Reformation: An Introduction.” Download it from the link above.

Before Rob Bell, There Was David Swing
PCA pastor-scholar Sean Lucas reminds us of the liberalizing David Swing, and why the most popular pastor of the biggest church in Chicago is no longer there.
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GTD and the Lord’s Day


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David Allen was interviewed by MSNBC regarding stress and job burnout. He went over some of his standard talking points: the increased number of inputs we face today, our inability to be conscious about our various projects and NA’s, and the need to keep these out of our head and organized. One of the hosts of MSNBC suggested the importance of a vacation. The David’s response? Weekly. People need to regroup and rest on a weekly basis rather than once a year.

Further evidence for natural law, the abiding principle of the moral law, and the importance of the one-in-seven pattern laid down in Creation, covenanted at Sinai, and re-stipulated at Zion.

Though he may not put it this way, even David Allen wants you to remember the Lord’s Day, forsake not the fellowship of the saints, and regulate your worship in Covenant Renewal. Tickle that for every first day of the week.