Simeon’s Account of His Conversion

I hope you share my feeling of being encouraged to read of how God’s arresting grace breaks in on peoples’ souls. Charles Simeon (1759 – 1836) was an Anglican vicar and professor who beautifully recorded his own experience of God’s rescue in his life. Going from a life of outward religion and lavish extravagance to a vital trust in Christ and self-denial, Simeon shared the experience of change in his own life.

The following quote is taken from John Piper’s The Roots of Endurance (Crossway, 2002) p. 82.

In Passion Week, as I was reading Bishop Wilson on the Lord’s Supper, I met with an expression to this effect – “That the Jews knew what they did, when they transferred their sin to the head of their offering.” The thought came into my mind, What, may I transfer all my guilt to another? Has God provided an Offering for me, that I may lay my sins on His head? Then, God willing, I will not bear them on my own soul one moment longer. Accordingly I sought to lay my sins upon the sacred head of Jesus; and on the Wednesday began to have a hope of mercy; on the Thursday that hope increased; on the Friday and Saturday it became more strong; and on the Sunday morning, Easter-day, April 4, I awoke early with those words upon my heart and lips, “Jesus Christ is risen to-day! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” From that hour peace flowed in rich abundance into my soul; and at the Lord’s Table in our Chapel I had the sweetest access to God through my blessed Savior.

Amen and amen. May every tribe, tongue and nation come to know that peace and access through Christ alone.