Firefox 5 or Chrome 12

I just recently upgraded to Firefox 5, but I use Chrome a lot as well. Which is better? Firefox has been touted for its performance, add-ons, etc., for years, but recently many people have been championing turning over to Chrome. Here’s the most recent contest I could find:

Google Chrome 12 performs really well with many JavaScript functions according to benchmarks used in this post. HTML 5 video benchmark and CSS 3D hardware acceleration works incredibly well, also you can check HTML 5 video experiment for shaun the sheep in this post Here. Google chrome uses a separated memory usage for each tab and google extensions but overall after comparing it with firefox it require more memory with running same number to tabs.

Mozilla Firefox 5 benchmark scores looks really low compared to firefox [Ed note: I think he means Chrome?] scores even though it was performing quite good with same benchmark tools specially for compiling JavaScript with taking advantage of your CPU and RAM. Firefox 5 does not require a lot of memory usage.

Find all the details here.