Ancient Hymns for A Future Faith

Why Young People Are Returning To Old Hymn Texts

by Kevin Twit

Not too long ago I saw a sign in an antique store: “My grandmother saved it, my mother threw it away, and now I’m buying it back!” That little sign captures the story of church music in the last fifty years… For many, the church’s hymn tradition has become a treasured resource; students around the country are scouting out used bookstores for antique hymnals, searching for gems that have fallen out of use and yet resonate with their faith and longing to connect with God in a deeper way… we still need hymns in a postmodern world! Here are several reasons why:

  • Because Worship is Formative
  • Because of the Longing to Experience God
  • Because Hymns Help Us to Grow Up
  • Because Hymns Are Mini-meditations on the “Paradoxes” of the Gospel That Drive Us to Worship
  • Because Hymns Can Teach Us the Art of Meditation on Scripture
  • Because Hymns Remind Us That We Can Only Approach God Through the Blood of Jesus (1 Pet. 2:5)
  • Because Hymns Focus Us on God’s Promises More Than on Ours

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