The Old Filth of the Heart

The lumen naturæ (or “light of nature;” Westminster Confession I.1) does a lot of heavy lifting, especially when we notice how little consideration it often receives. The light of nature, also known by its alias “natural revelation,” is that which we know “by nature” – or just being human in creation – and it turns out that this is quite a lot.

But one of the most important things natural revelation does for us, and this is where The Marrow lays the emphasis this week, is that it reminds us that humans are covenantal servants, and that we are “hardwired for law.” The works covenant that God made with Adam at creation included the law that disobedience would be recompensed with death, and that obedience would be rewarded with life and blessing. As Adam’s federal progeny, our DNA comes built-in with the principle that we must work before we may have our wages, and that the harder we work, the better the wage. However, living in a post-Genesis 3 world means that even our grandest efforts have only earned us death (Romans 6:23) and our brightest righteous efforts are filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6). Continue Reading at TheMarrow.Org…

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