Making a Splash

Ok, so this is more than a little embarrassing. But its better than the actual paper, which had some crack in the title about me “assuming” the pulpit. Don’t they know me? I don’t assume anything.

The Garner Leader ran a story about my family and I coming to town and getting going at Zion. You can read the full interview that was conducted here. If you want to read the rest of the article, you’ll have to go over to the website and subscribe, as the whole article isn’t online (boo!).

Seeing this mug on the front page of a newspaper (did I mention the size of Garner?!) is a little disconcerting. (Please, no cracks about seeing my picture in the Police section. The chief of police worships with us.) It was an enjoyable experience, but it left me wondering: who knows how to interview a pastor better – the pastor or the interviewer? I can think of all sorts of interesting questions to put to theologians, but the question is if they would be interesting to anyone else. In this case, isn’t the interviewer the generalist, yet a specialist at interviewing?

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