Spirit Is Contra Sin, Not Contra Nature

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The above quote is a beauty by Michael S. Horton on a (not so) recent episode of the White Horse Inn, entitled “Gifts of the Spirit.”

In discussions over nature and grace, this aspect of the Spirit’s working in the life of the believer is important to remember. And it isn’t just the Spirit. As Horton reminds us: “In every work of the Trinity, the Father speaks in the Son and by his Spirit, who is at work within creation to bring about the intended effect of that word… What’s true in our salvation is also true in providence… Once we recover a greater sense of God’s ordinary vocation as the site of his faithfulness, we will begin to appreciate our own calling to love and serve others in his name in everyday ways that make a real difference in people’s lives.”

The other link the WHI crew suggest is this helpful defense of cessationism by Dr. Richard B. Gaffin. I don’t agree with every premise or conclusion of the article, but for those looking for a top-tier, accessible response to the continued gifts of the Spirit will find a lot that is helpful to begin the discussion, especially the closing paragraph.

May we walk more and more in the Spirit!

1 thought on “Spirit Is Contra Sin, Not Contra Nature

  1. I’ll admit, I skimmed and only read the last paragraph of the linked article to see the conclusion. However, there is nothing that necessitates that the canon is closed. Those who believe in sola scriptura are more comfortable with a closed canon than an open one despite its possible contradictory consequences much in the way that those who believe in prima scriptura are more comfortable with the option of God speaking more. And what is the “foundational period” of the church, and how do we know that THAT is closed? Cessationists and non-cessationists alike have uncomfortable (what the author would call “contradictory”) issues with which they must wrestle.

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