Select Works of Samuel Miller (1769 – 1850)

Recently, I came across Miller’s Thoughts on Public Prayer, and was greatly helped. I knew Miller to be a staunch Old School Presbyterian, and so I wondered what else of his I could find online for free. Turns out, pretty much everything he wrote is at Google Books. Help yourself!

UPDATE: The original post was by no means exhaustive, but thankfully the PCA Historical Center already had compiled the Samuel Miller Collection. While there aren’t many links at the Collection, there is a complete bibliography listed. I was reminded of this by The Confessional Presbyterian which points this resource out.

A Brief Retrospect of the Eighteenth Century (1803, 1805)

A Sermon on Lamentations 2:1, 13 (1812)

An Able and Faithful Ministry (1812)

Memoir of the Reverend John Rogers (1813)

Letters on Unitarianism (1821)

Letter on Christmas Observance (1825)

An Essay on the Office of the Ruling Elder (1831)

The Earth Filled with the Glory of the Lord: A Sermon on Num 14:21 (1835)

The Primitive and Apostolical Order of the Church of Christ Vindicated (1840)

Letters from a Father to a Son in College (1843)

Thoughts on Public Prayer (1849)

Church Attachment and Sectarianism (1854)

Life of Samuel Miller


On another note, here’s a letter from Thomas Jefferson to Rev. Samuel Miller. I would love to see what had prompted Jefferson to respond to our Old School Presbyterian minister. Since Jefferson specifically brings up days of prayer and fasting, I wonder if Miller was bringing up issues surrounding the WCF and the civil magistrate?

D.G. Hart and John Muether devoted a “Lessons from Church History” entirely to Samuel Miller. The article is on pp. 40 – 2.

Samuel Miller Papers Project by Princeton Manuscripts Division
Hopefully some interesting things will come of this in the future.

Did I find everything by Miller out there on the interwebs? Do you have further resources, comments or questions? Leave a comment below!

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