Capitol Prayer

CapitolPrayer2Almighty God and Everlasting Father,

We call upon You, the Infinite One, from Whom and through Whom and to Whom are all things. You are the sovereign One, and all sovereignty comes from You. Nations rise and fall and kings receive power and sovereignty from You. In You, true wisdom is found. You know and understand all things, and no one can search out Your ways. From you comes righteousness, justice, and courage. You are the source, and all things are from You. Indeed, we live and move and have our being in You.

And so we call upon You this afternoon seeking divine help. Would you grant, O Lord God, to this august company of men and women, the power that You alone possess to serve those whom they are called to represent. You have placed each of them here, and so grant them the wisdom necessary to make laws and decisions to benefit and bless this great state of Iowa. Instill in them justice and righteousness, that they would always strive to promote that which is true and good and beautiful. Graciously pour out courage and knowledge, that through their decisions and actions You would rule this land for righteousness’ sake.

In all of these things, we ask that You would do this not for anything good within us or for our own sake, but only for the sake of Christ Jesus, by whose blood we may find mercy and grace. Grant all of us a true and abiding faith in Him. We ask these things of you now in His holy and perfect Name, even Christ the Lord.


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